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Yuga Labs Files Lawsuit Accusing Ryder Ripps of Scamming Consumers by Selling Fake Bored Apes NFTs

Yuga Labs, the maker of Bored Ape Yacht Club non-fungible tokens (NFTs),

Nitishkumar Nitishkumar June 27, 2022

Google’s AI spots a human cognitive glitch!!

Text generated by models like Google's LaMDA can be hard to distinguish

Nikhil Nikhil June 27, 2022

The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1-equipped Asus ROG Phone 6 will be released

Asus has announced that the Asus ROG Phone 6, a smartphone powered

Apsal Jamal Apsal Jamal June 24, 2022

Apple Mixed Reality Headsets Are First Announced By CEO Tim Cook: Release Is Likely Soon

In an interview with state-run publication China Daily, Tim Cook hinted that

Apsal Jamal Apsal Jamal June 24, 2022

Ukrainian Officials’ Phone Targeted by Hackers Amid Russian Invasion: Cybersecurity Expert

The phones of Ukrainian officials have been targeted by hackers as Russia

Nitishkumar Nitishkumar June 7, 2022

Brazil’s São Paulo FC Now Allows Fans to Buy Matchday Tickets Using Crypto

São Paulo FC, a 22-time winner of Brazil's top division football league

Nitishkumar Nitishkumar June 7, 2022

Apple Rapid Security Response to Offer Faster Security Updates, No Reboot Required

Apple on Monday announced Rapid Security Response, a new security feature for

Nitishkumar Nitishkumar June 7, 2022

English Premier League Files NFT, Crypto Trademarks Hinting at Metaverse Entry

The English Premier League (EPL), one of the most-watched sports leagues globally,

Karthikeya Vishwa Karthikeya Vishwa June 7, 2022

India Revises Rules for Social Media Companies, Calls It Necessary to Protect Indians’ Constitutional Rights

Indian government has been tightening regulation of firms such as Facebook, YouTube,

Thurkesh Thurkesh June 7, 2022

Jio launches 4G service for the first time near Pangong lake, Ladakh

Reliance Jio has expanded the reach of its 4G services in the

Nikhil Nikhil June 7, 2022