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The Nothing Phone (1) – Leaks and thoughts

Carl Pei founded OnePlus, saw where it was going, and decided to

Yashwanth Ram Yashwanth Ram July 3, 2022

macOS 13 Ventura – Features and Review

Introduced at WWDC 2022, macOS Ventura is the newest version of macOS.

Yashwanth Ram Yashwanth Ram June 26, 2022

5 Amazing Launches at the Apple Event March 2022

This article covers all the launches at the Apple Event held on

Nitishkumar Nitishkumar March 13, 2022

Quantum Computing – Next Gen computer?

We might use our computers to play games, browse, watch and work/learn

Nikhil Nikhil January 23, 2022

LiFi – Let’s speed things up!

Our lives now heavily depend on the internet. Therefore, a good network

Nikhil Nikhil January 13, 2022

Neuralink – Experiments on our Brain

The brain is a complex part of the human body, and it

Nikhil Nikhil January 7, 2022

Android 12 – 12 Amazing Features!

Android 12 - 12 Amazing Features. With Android controlling nearly 73% of

Nitishkumar Nitishkumar January 1, 2022

Windows 11 – Facts and concerns

Windows 11 – The new one has arrived. For the past decade,

Nikhil Nikhil December 9, 2021