Apple could soon include ads in their apps!!


Turns out that Apple, which usually criticizes companies for pushing ads through apps, is planning to include ads in its software, says Bloomberg report.

Few Apple users might have already noticed the presence of ads in apps like App Store, News App and Stocks. In addition to these, the company is planning to include ads in other apps like Maps, Books and even in Podcasts in the future.

The Apple version of ads is basically promoting another app under a specific banner, allowing people to differentiate between a regular listing and an ad.

Apple is expected to give its users the choice to disable personalised ads but even then, the report says the company will have access to data such as device type, content the user reads and even the operator on which their iPhone is active.

Apple is well known for its anti-tracking stance. But with this situation, we are gonna have to wait to see the response from the public and Apple users.

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