Explosion at Google Data Centre leaves 3 injured!


Three electricians were transported to a local hospital after suffering severe burns due to an explosion at Google Data Centre in Iowa, United States.

The electricians were working on a substation near the data centre when an “electrical incident” caused an explosion, commonly known as an arc flash. The condition of one of them is said to be serious.

On Tuesday, a post was shared on Twitter by the city of Council Bluffs informing about the incident and the condition of the three injured people. According to the post, one electrician had a lower torso injury, while the other suffered burns to the face, left arm, and thigh.

Jim Wood, assistant chief of the Council Bluffs Fire Department, told local publication Omaha World-Herald that first responders were summoned to the data centre at 11:59 am to a report of an electrical occurrence in the facility. Scanner traffic showed that there were first indications of a “large explosion”, but Mr Wood did not confirm specifics, according to the outlet.

The fire department is investigating to know the cause of the incident. Google’s facility is one of the company’s largest data centres near Lake Manawa State Park. Hundreds of supercomputers, which are high-tech computers used to store and analyse massive quantities of data, are housed in the facility.

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