Google 6a display can run at 90Hz, claims a developer!


Google Pixel 6a display may run at 90Hz refresh rate, as per a developer. The developer was able to run the display at 90Hz refresh rate by installing a modified display driver. The handset reportedly gets the same display as the Google Pixel 6, however, the refresh rate on both smartphones is different. Google Pixel 6a’s refresh rate is a standard 60Hz, which is a bit dated compared to the 120Hz refresh rate panels available on phones in this price range

Developer Nathan (@TheLunarixus) was able to unlock the 90Hz refresh rate on Google Pixel 6a. Since then, it has been widely reported that Google apparently capped the refresh rate at 60Hz even when the Samsung display used in the phone supports up to 120Hz refresh rate and the Pixel 6a can actually run at 90Hz.

While initially it was not explained by Nathan how he did it, Mishal Rehman of Esper cloud platform for Android fleet management, was able to give some insights and details on the same. He said that he flashed his Pixel 6a with a modified display driver provided by Nathan and it “exposed a new 2400×1080@90Hz display mode.” The driver apparently unlocked a “Smooth display” option. He also highlighted that although Google hasn’t confirmed it officially, the Pixel 6 and 6a have very similar display panels.

Nathan later clarified that the mod hasn’t caused any damage to 100+ phones he ran on. He said that the mod is not pushing the panel to use more power to run 90Hz but essentially adds a new frequency mode to the display driver. He notes that he will not claim that the mode causes zero damage.

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