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Techmedok is a blog where you may share articles that are relevant to Technology and stuff.

We welcome other bloggers to write a guest post in exchange for a quality backlink to their blog. Feel free to submit your articles.

Getting Started…

Choose a Tech related topic and pitch it to our Core Team by mailing us at [email protected] with your Name, Blog URL, Instagram ID, and short Info About you. After confirmation follow the below guidelines to draft your article.

Before submitting your articles, please read the following guidelines

  • Word count doesn’t matter! Articles could be short and crisp, but some important details should not be missed. We recommend your article to be with a word count of 500+ words. We know, it’s not a good practice for SEO. But, we need content that is short and understandable by our non-techie readers. We don’t say that you should only write short content, you could also write long content and in-depth research article with a bunch of credible references.
  • We don’t stand by copy-paste content or plagiarism. You could research and create your unique original content.
  • We at Techmedok, our core team would edit and tweak your article following SEO practices.
  • We also perform fact-checks before the article is live.
  • Outgoing links in the article must be relevant and credible and not Affiliate Links. Every link in the article would be checked for quality, credibility, and security. Links that contain Pop Up ads, Fake Alerts, and spammy ads will be removed by our core team.
  • We have the right to delete any link/s at any time.
  • We don’t allow any download files hosted by you or third-party services. We would be scanning the file for viruses and we would host the files on our servers.
  • One DoFollow Link would be allowed to link to your Blog.
  • NoFollow will be applied to all outbound links.
  • The Article should contain multimedia like Images, Videos, Podcasts, and other things to keep visitors engaged.
  • All the Images and Videos including thumbnail will be produced by Techmedok Studios. We require you to send high-resolution images and videos (If required). We would Edit, Optimize the Image, Add our Branding and Convert it to a WebP file (The Next-Gen Image Format).
  • We would also add Additional Images or Videos to the content if required.
  • We also require your Blog Logo. This is to apply combined Branding in Image or Video added in the Article.
  • Thumbnail Resolution – 1920 x 1080 (16:9), In Article Image or Video Resolution – 1920 x 1080 (16:9) or 1440 x 1080 (4:3) or 1080 x 1080 (1:1).
  • We would also add your Blog’s Social Media Handles at the end of the Article.
  • We do not accept articles or links relating to Casino/Gambling, Drugs, Adult, Finance, or other similar areas.

Follow these guidelines to draft your articles… After following these guidelines, follow the below steps to submit your article.

How to Submit the Article?

  • Use Google Docs to write your Article. Allow Editing Access to [email protected].
  • Use Google Drive to share the Multi-media Files. Allow Access to [email protected].
  • All the Images shared should be larger than 500*500 resolution and should not contain any other watermarks.
  • Add Your Name, Short Bio about you, Social Handles, and Blog Link at the end of the Document. Also, add your Blog’s Maximum Resolution Logo in the drive folder.
  • With Google Doc and Drive Link mail us at [email protected].

Terms and Conditions

  • After Publishing the Article, we Own the Content and we reserve the right to Edit or Delete the Article in the future.
  • When the article goes live, we require you to share the link of the article in all the social media handles you own and share it with your friends.
  • In the future, If we find your Blog Spammy or anything harmful or misleading to users, we may notify you and remove the link to your blog.

You are required to accept these Terms and Conditions before the article goes live on our site. We will be helping the Guest bloggers in Content Modification and Multimedia Producing while they write for us. We don’t reject articles, we help them write better.

After the successful posting of your First article on our Blog, you will be provided an Author Account on our Blog. With that, you could directly write the second article (If you wish) and submit it for a review by the Team.