Monetizing Creativity: Twitter’s Creator Ads Revenue Sharing Program Unveiled


Twitter, the popular micro-blogging platform, has been making waves in the social media world with its recent announcement to pay creators a share of the ad revenue earned from ads served in the replies to their posts. This move, spearheaded by the company’s owner, Elon Musk, aims to incentivize content creators and boost engagement on the platform. With its intense competition with Threads, Twitter is stepping up its game and making significant changes to its revenue-sharing program and rate limits to keep creators and users engaged.

Twitter’s Revenue-Sharing Program for Verified Creators

The heart of Twitter’s new strategy lies in its revenue-sharing program for verified creators. To be eligible for this program, creators must subscribe to Twitter Blue, the platform’s monthly or annual subscription service. Moreover, they need to have earned more than 5 million tweet impressions each month for the past three months. By setting this benchmark based on tweet impressions, Twitter ensures that creators have a substantial reach and influence, making the revenue-sharing program mutually beneficial for both parties.

Elon Musk announced that the first round of creator payouts would total an impressive $5 million and would be cumulative from February onward. Creators who meet the eligibility criteria will receive their payouts via Stripe, a popular online payment processing platform.

Eliminating Exclusionary Policies

Despite the exciting prospects of the revenue-sharing program, Twitter faced some backlash due to its initial policy that excluded accounts featuring animals or fictional characters unless directly affiliated with the account’s brand or organization. This policy was met with criticism as it prevented some creators from participating in the revenue-sharing program. However, after prompt feedback from the community, Musk announced that the policy would be deleted, making way for a more inclusive platform that accommodates diverse creators.

Rate Limit Tweaks for Improved User Experience

In addition to addressing the exclusionary policy, Twitter also made significant adjustments to its rate limits to enhance the user experience. Rate limits are restrictions placed on users, limiting the number of tweets they can view on the platform. Initially, these limits applied to all users – verified, unverified, and new accounts alike.

Listening to user feedback, Elon Musk decided to increase the rate limits for verified accounts by 50%. This adjustment came into effect promptly, allowing verified creators to access more content on the platform. This move demonstrates Twitter’s commitment to catering to the needs of its community and ensuring that creators and users alike can fully enjoy the platform’s offerings.

Independent Sign-up for Ads Revenue Sharing and Creator Subscriptions

In a user-centric approach, Twitter is giving creators the flexibility to sign up independently for Ads Revenue Sharing and Creator Subscriptions. This means that creators can choose to opt-in for either or both of these features, depending on their preferences and goals. By providing this option, Twitter acknowledges that each creator’s journey is unique, and they should have the freedom to explore revenue-generating opportunities as they see fit.

Global Reach: Expanding Ads Revenue Sharing

Twitter is committed to providing equal opportunities to creators worldwide. To achieve this, Ads Revenue Sharing will be available in all countries where Stripe, the payment processing platform, supports payouts. As a result, creators from diverse corners of the globe can benefit from this revenue-sharing program.

Invitation-Only Rollout

Twitter aims to ensure the success and smooth functioning of the Ads Revenue Sharing program. Hence, the company is implementing an invitation-only rollout. Initially, a select group of creators will receive invitations to join the program and accept payments through Stripe. This phased approach allows Twitter to gather feedback, make improvements, and gradually expand the program to a broader community of creators.

Eligibility Criteria for Creators

To be considered eligible for the Creator Ads Revenue Sharing program, creators must meet specific criteria:

1. Be subscribed to Twitter Blue or Verified Organizations: Creators can unlock this exciting opportunity by subscribing to Twitter Blue or being affiliated with a verified organization on the platform.

2. 5 million Impressions in the Last 3 Months: Eligible creators must have achieved a significant reach, with at least 5 million impressions on their posts in each of the last three months. This criterion ensures that the revenue-sharing program is meaningful for creators with substantial engagement.

3. Human Review for Creator Monetization Standards: To maintain content quality and brand integrity, creators seeking to participate in the revenue-sharing program will undergo a human review to ensure they meet Twitter’s Creator Monetization Standards.

Requirements for Approved Creators

Once a creator is approved for the Ads Revenue Sharing program, there are specific requirements they need to fulfil:

1. A Stripe Account: Creators will need a Stripe account to receive their earnings. Twitter has partnered with Stripe for secure and efficient payout processing.

2. Adherence to Creator Subscriptions Policies: Approved creators are required to comply with Twitter’s Creator Subscriptions policies. This ensures a fair and transparent ecosystem for both creators and their audience.

Twitter’s bold move to pay creators a share of ad revenue and the subsequent tweaks to its policies and rate limits indicate the company’s commitment to staying ahead in the social media landscape. By incentivizing content creators and removing exclusionary policies, Twitter aims to attract a diverse range of creators and foster a thriving creative ecosystem on its platform.

As the revenue-sharing program progresses, it is likely to create a positive feedback loop of more engaging content, increased user participation, and ultimately, a strengthened Twitter community. With Elon Musk’s visionary leadership, Twitter is poised to continue evolving and adapting to the ever-changing social media landscape, offering exciting opportunities for creators and users alike.

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