Microsoft Edge Performance Demystified: Unlocking Powerful Features and In-Depth Analysis

In this article, we will explore the capabilities and features of Microsoft Edge. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or a casual user, this article will help you know the features and

Nitishkumar Nitishkumar

The Nothing Phone (1) – Leaks and thoughts

Carl Pei founded OnePlus, saw where it was going, and decided to leave. Then he founded a company named "Nothing" and released a pair of earbuds. Now the company is

Yashwanth Ram Yashwanth Ram

macOS 13 Ventura – Features and Review

Introduced at WWDC 2022, macOS Ventura is the newest version of macOS. macOS Ventura is a significant update that introduces a new multitasking experience and adds updated capabilities across the

Yashwanth Ram Yashwanth Ram

Scammers almost stole my Crypto Wallet… – Scam #1

Cryptocurrency crime had a record-breaking year in 2021. With a new report findings, scammers took $14 billion worth of crypto last year. That’s nearly twice the $7.8 billion taken by

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5 Amazing Launches at the Apple Event March 2022

This article covers all the launches at the Apple Event held on 8 March 2022. iPhone 13 Pro - Alpine Green Apple added the "Alpine Green" colour to its Pro

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Craob X – 7mm Thin Portless Laptop – 5 points to prove that it is a possible scam…

Recently, I came across a News about a "Mysterious" company that displays information about the new 7mm thin portless laptop made by them called Craob X. I was excited to

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How do hackers get around 2-FA? – Live Demo – Cookie aka Session Hijacking Explained

In recent times many youtube accounts get hacked (Not only Youtube). Nowadays, many are aware of 2 Factor Authentication. Surely, a high-profile YouTuber might have enabled 2-FA. But how do

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Data: 8 eye-opening GDPR rights to empower people

The term 'Data owner' has gained relevance in recent years. A few years back i.e., before the tech giants came into light, people were not so aware as to how

Aakanksha Yadav Aakanksha Yadav

Quantum Computing – Next Gen computer?

We might use our computers to play games, browse, watch and work/learn very few times!!. But these machines have far more uses than we think and are being used on

Nikhil Nikhil

LiFi – Let’s speed things up!

Our lives now heavily depend on the internet. Therefore, a good network connection is an important requisite now, and an area where we are too fixated! Considering this evolving world,

Nikhil Nikhil